Cecil Wills(non-registered)
Love your pictures and am more inspired to better my knowledge of photography and try to make a place for my interests.
James Clark(non-registered)
Love your pictures, especially the one's around Red Bluff. My dad was stationed at the radar station in Red Bluff from 1962 to around 1967. There was a grocery store on the east side of downtown next to the tracks that they shopped at. Instead of going in with them, I used to sit on the edge of the parking lot and watch trains go by. If I only had a camera back in those days.
Shelby Covey(non-registered)
These photographs are amazing! It is remarkable how you can make some of them look like paintings. The coloring and lighting truly accentuates the subject. Any chance you’d travel to southern California to shoot?
Thanks for sharing your talents.
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